Bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies



Bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies

Azidus has a dedicated volunteer mobilization team which does motivation and mobilization of the volunteers. More than 14000 volunteers including adult healthy males & females, post menopausal females and geriatric volunteers are registered in the data bank.

Azidus can undertake the following studies.

  • Single & multiple dose studies
  • Fasting & Fed studies
  • Food Effect studies
  • PK PD studies
  • Cross over and parallel studies
  • Replicate studies
  • Proof of concept studies
  • Special population studies (postmenopausal & adult female studies and geriatric studies)

BA/BE studies are conducted in extremely controlled environment and all the clinical, bioanalytical and data management activities are strictly driven through SOPs.

The studies are conducted as per the ethical committee approved protocol, SOPs, current GCP, GLP standards and applicable regulatory requirements. The sponsors will be contacted and communicated during the each stage of the study and updated about the proceedings of the study

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